Tammekännu Leisure Centre  
The smell of the history  
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We offer a feast where you can taste the dishes made from products which could be found in this area already more than a hundred years ago ( meat, lentils, beans, rapes, honey, mead ).

The feasts also include modern dishes as people aren’t used to ancient dishes although they are very healthy.

During the feast you can have a short review of the history of so called “skin way” and of an ancient dressing code. You can also an opportunity to try different arms ( sword, pole-axe, spear, arrow )

The feast lasts for about 2 hours.

The Price : 150 EEK per a person ( for a group of 10 – 30 people )

Further information : If you give us sufficient advance notice, we can film the whole feast. The price of the cassette  is 200 EEK.