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Short Canoe Trips

On the River Ahja

The trip lasts for 3 – 5 hours during which we travel along the River Ahja from Koorvere to Kiidjärve.

The trip runs in a Nature Protection area – in the primitive valley of the River Ahja where you can travel only on water.

Picturesque sand exposures, Valgemetsa, a watermill at Kiidjärve.

The starting point of the trip is 7 km from Tammekännu Leisure Centre.

On the River Ora

The trip lasts for 5 – 6 hours during which we travel the River Ora from Mammaste to Porgandi.

The River Ora is a branch of the River Ahja. Põlva was founded at the River Ora which flows into one of the biggest ancient strongholds of southeastern Estonia – Rosma.

On our way we can see dams built by beavers, a felled area caused by beavers’ action, a spring ( 50 metres long and 6 metres wide, coming out from the ground it is so large that it is possible to travel by canoes there ), old villages on the banks of the river – Mammaste, Himmaste, Eoste ( a settlement from the Stone Age ).

Lunch at the stone bridge of Otten’s watermill ( the shooting location of a popular film “ The Last Relic “ )

During the lunch break you can shoot a bow and throw javelin.

A walking trip to see sandstone banks of Big Taevaskoja ( about 0.5 km ), it can also be reached by canoes going upstream.

After lunch we continue our trip and finish it at Porgandi.

The starting point of the trip is 0.5 km from Tammekännu Leisure Centre.

Further Information

Both trips are suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced canoeists.

The Price includes :
rent for a canoe
initial training
professional assistance

transport of canoes
transport of canoeists’ drivers

The Prices :
fom Sunday to Saturday: 350 EEK per a person

Children ( 6 – 12 years old ) get 50% discount.