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Robber’s Roast

In the Ancient Garden there is a cave built into the ground where it is possible to make a Robber’s Roast like real robbers do.


The Robber’s Roast needs time and patience, meat or fish is roasted in a cave dug, revetted with stones and heated specially for it.

Fire is lit in the cave 2 – 3 hours before roasting process starts. A roasted lamb weighing 3-4 kilograms gets ready in about 3 hours.

Moisten some baking paper and turn a joint into it. Then the joint in the baking paper has to be enwrapped in foil paper and eventually wrap some newspapers around it. Now put a wire netting around the prepared joint. It helps you to move it in the hot cave.

Place the joint into the heated cave and cover it with hot stones and coal.

Wait …………………………!